Thursday, June 21, 2012

So far...So good

My computer has been broke for about a month now.....(should've gotten a MacBook Pro), but I'm back. I will be seven weeks post on tommorow and right now I have about a little over a half inch of new growth. Its really hot where I live so I've had to adapt my regimen because I sweat so bad (embarassing). I've been washing my hair twice a week with Elasta QP creme conditioning shampoo. I am in love with this stuff. It detangles like a dream and is very moisturizing. But best of all its sulfate-free!! I also deep conditioning twice a week after I wash. I let my hair airdry and throw some bantu-knots in and I'm good to go until the next wash. I try to keep it very simple. I personally think hair thrives off simplicity. I really haven't been combing my hair after I wash it because the products I'm using now are really working for my hair. Now I know some of you are like WHAT! I don't let two weeks go by without combing it because I have to get out the shed hairs. My deep conditioners (Kerapro and KeraMinerals) have really been doing most of the work for me. I'll rinse my hair with cool water and glide my fingers through my hair under the water and that helps alot too. I put my leave-in conditioner in my hair followed by an oil/serum, and then I gently smooth my hair with my fingers until its about 85% dry and then do the bantu-knots. Now I do have fine that, plus the products I'm using probably aid in easy detangling. I hope this continues up until week 12 in my stretch. If so, I might extend my stretch!!

How's your stretch going?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Relaxer Progress Pics! (10 week stretch)

These two pictures above are my relaxer results from 2/23/2012. I had to do a 2 1/2in trim to get rid of damaged ends. They are still a little thin, but are nothing like they were.

These two pictures above are the results from my recent relaxer on 5/2/2012. I cut about 1/4 inch off my ends to keep them even and healthy. I think I might have gained at least 1 inch. I still have a little thin spot in the middle but I plan to trim every relaxer to keep it under control. I just can't find it in myself to cut off another two inches right now.

*Will be posting a video soon. God bless!

Kerapro Restorative Treatment

I have heard all good reviews on this product. No, seriously I have. So I was estatic when I found out Sally's had the Kerapro products on sale 2 for $10 during the month of April. The original price is $10.99 for each product in the Kerapro line. I only purchased the Kerapro Restorative Treatment for dry to very dry hair(the deep conditioner). I washed my hair, and applied the product to my strands. The consistency is thick and creamy, but the product melts into your strands wonderfully. The smell has a perfume type scent, but its not overpowering. I put two plastic caps and a scarf on to trap the heat and left it on overnight. Let me just start off by saying I love this stuff. It made my hair and  new growth feel so soft and smooth (I'm 8 wks post). My hair felt stronger but extremely moisturized at the same time. Detangling was a breeze. What I really love about this conditioner is that the moisture it provides has a lasting effect on my hair for at least 4 days. I don't even have to moisturize everyday when I deep condition with this product. This conditioner is packed with many ingredients that are really beneficial for relaxed hair such as ceramides, amino acids, fatty acids, and keratin. I loved it so much I bought 4 more jars while they were on sale. You get 5 ounces of product in a jar for $10.99, which isn't alot but the results you get are so worth it. Whether this product is on sale or not I will be repurchasing again and again.

I give this product a 10 out of 10!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick Product Review: Palmers Coconut Oil Protein Pack

I purchased this product on a whim from my local Walgreens for $2.00. I was at my fiance's house, and I was out of conditioner. (Lol. Yes I keep two sets of hair products for my house and his). I pulled out my bantu-knots that morning and sprayed them with more hairspray than I needed. (Ok, alot of hairspray). I know thats a big no-no, but I had church and an important dinner later that evening so I needed my style to hold. I knew my hair needed some extra TLC after all that hairspray. I washed my hair with CON ultra moisturizing shampoo for the second day in a row and used this product. I heard some good reviews on this product and was excited about giving it a try. Now, let me just say that my hair is NOT protein sensitive. I dc for about 30 minutes with this product. It smells like coconut, lol. I like the smell, but it may be a bit overpowering for some who do not particularly care for the smell of coconuts. The cosistency is very thick. Actually its a little too thick for my liking. The product didn't melt into my like my other deep conditioners, which means I had to work the product into my hair. I didn't like that at all. After I rinsed the product out my hair it felt slightly stronger, but coated at the same time. I didn't like that either. It didn't give me good slip at all. I just thankful I'm only 4wks post, so detangling isnt really an issue for me right now in my stretch.  My hair had bounce and shine, but I don't know whether to attribute that to the product or just the health of my hair in general. All in all this product did not work well for my fine relaxed hair. I WILL NOT be repurchasing.

Monday, March 19, 2012

ORS HAIRepair Nourishing Conditioner

I had to give a review on this wonderful product. Let me start off by saying I love all of ORS conditioners. I think they really cater to the needs of relaxed hair. Their moisturizers...ehhh not so much. But anyway, I picked this product up at my local BSS for $1.99.  I did my usual wash routine and proceeded to use this product. When I opened the package I could smell a faint scent of bananas, which didn't bother me because I love bananas. The consistency is a little on the thick side. It's a tad bit thicker than the replenishing pak. When I applied it to my hair  it just melted right in. I dc for twenty minutes with heat. I rinsed the product out my hair and my hair felt sooooo MOISTURIZED. I think this product is a bit more moisturizing than the repleshing pak. It left my hair shiny, bouncy, moisturized, and easy to detangle. Even if you didnt like the replenishing pak, I would still recommend giving this product a try because you might like it. I plan to buy at least 5 more of these.  I just wonder how it will work on my new growth when I'm 3 months into my stretch. I'll just have to wait and see...............

Has anyone else tried this product? How did it work for you?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We are in our 3rd month of 2012 and I have yet to set hair goals for this year.  Yea, i know I'm late. Lol.  But I’m very serious about gaining back the length I had to cut off last relaxer. I want to be a healthy BSL. My ends don’t have to be perfect, just healthy.

       My hair goals for 2012:

       1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
              (for hair and skin)
      2.    Eat more fresh, fruits and vegetables
       3.       Exercise for 30-45 min at least 3x a week
       4.       Maintain full, healthy ends
       5.       Reach full BSL by Dec 2012

My hair goals are few, I know.  But I’ve got my actual wash routine and regimen down pretty good. I think when I incorporate healthy diet, exercise, and regular trims into my regimen then my hair will thrive. I’m rebooted and ready.

                                                   What are your hair goals for 2012?

Setback and Trim.......

I relaxed my hair on Feb 20. I was looking forward to touching the top of my brastrap and I did. But my ends were something serious.  I knew the cause of the damage came from three things:

1.       Not cutting away the 1-2 inches of damage I had left from by trim at the start of my hair journey in Jan 2011

2.       Scalp burns on the nape of my neck

3.       Not drinking enough water

I decided to cut about two inches off so I can be a healthy BSL by my birthday in June . (fingers- crossed). Here are some before and after pics of my damage and trim



Monday, March 5, 2012

Giving it my all

Currently I  have 4 subscribers to this blog. I wanted to take time out to thank all of you for subscribing. I really appreciate it. But I want to put more time into my blog because this blog is the documentation of my hair journey. I want more subscribers for feedback and tip-sharing but I know I have to put in more time..........which has really been none. So I plan to start blogging at least twice week to help this blog flourish.

                          If you want a plant to grow then you have to water it, right?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Regimen and Products

I believe in keeping it as simple as possible when caring for my hair. When I say say simple, I don't mean that in a neglectful way at all. However, over the years I have learned that my hair thrives best with a simple regimen. The products I used have been working great for me and I'm sticking with them. Occasionally I will get the urge to try new products, but the PJ in me says "NO MAM!" However, I have been eyeing a few products that many ladies have been raving over and I just might give then a try. (If they are a reasonable price. LOL.)

ORS creamy aloe shampoo
Creme of Nature detangling shampoo

ORS replenishing deep conditioner
Aussie 3 minute miracle
VO5 Moisture milks (cowash)
Egg (as needed for protein)

Miracle 7 Leave-In mist

Garnier Fructis Nutrient Spray

One and only Argan Oil Serum
Silk Elements Heat protecting spray

*I wash every 5-7 days, Airdry 95% of the time, and I only detangle/comb on wash days.

I alternate between protective and low manipulation styles so I won't get bored. Two days out the week I will wear a  bantu-knot out for a low manipulation style. The rest of the week I will do updo's and buns to make the styles protective. What's your regimen?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Starter Pic/Little Hair Rant

  I thought I would would start the new year off right by taking an effort to seriously track my hair hair growth. Until about a year ago, I was never one to take pictures or see how long my hair had grown between relaxers. Now I'm on a hair journey so things have changed. Taking pictures is a great way for me to track progress while I'm on my hair journey. I am currently 4 wks post relaxer. My last relaxer was on Dec 7, 2011 and the photo shows my current length. I'm trying to reach brastrap by April. I can feel some new growth but nothing major. My plan is to stretch 12 weeks minimum but I might go a little longer to make it until April. Stretching out my relaxers has been beneficial to my hair. I have fine relaxed hair and stretching relaxers has really thickened my hair. My products haven't changed. I have used the same products for 1 year. I believe in keeping it simple. If you find a product and it works great stick to it unless it stops working for you. A lesson well learned from my days of product junkie and letting countlesss dollars go down the drain trying to find the next best thing. I'm not against trying new products and I will try them but most of the time they are on sale. Just keeing it real ladies. I will be posting my products and regimen soon.

Hello ladies. Welcome to my blog. I am dedicated to growing healthy relaxed waistlength hair. I love sharing tips, product reviews, progress pictures, and overall general progress. For all ladies who aspire to have healthy relaxed hair, let's embark on this journey together.