Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Starter Pic/Little Hair Rant

  I thought I would would start the new year off right by taking an effort to seriously track my hair hair growth. Until about a year ago, I was never one to take pictures or see how long my hair had grown between relaxers. Now I'm on a hair journey so things have changed. Taking pictures is a great way for me to track progress while I'm on my hair journey. I am currently 4 wks post relaxer. My last relaxer was on Dec 7, 2011 and the photo shows my current length. I'm trying to reach brastrap by April. I can feel some new growth but nothing major. My plan is to stretch 12 weeks minimum but I might go a little longer to make it until April. Stretching out my relaxers has been beneficial to my hair. I have fine relaxed hair and stretching relaxers has really thickened my hair. My products haven't changed. I have used the same products for 1 year. I believe in keeping it simple. If you find a product and it works great stick to it unless it stops working for you. A lesson well learned from my days of product junkie and letting countlesss dollars go down the drain trying to find the next best thing. I'm not against trying new products and I will try them but most of the time they are on sale. Just keeing it real ladies. I will be posting my products and regimen soon.


  1. Thank you SpecialK. I have subscribed to your blog and child