Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick Product Review: Palmers Coconut Oil Protein Pack

I purchased this product on a whim from my local Walgreens for $2.00. I was at my fiance's house, and I was out of conditioner. (Lol. Yes I keep two sets of hair products for my house and his). I pulled out my bantu-knots that morning and sprayed them with more hairspray than I needed. (Ok, alot of hairspray). I know thats a big no-no, but I had church and an important dinner later that evening so I needed my style to hold. I knew my hair needed some extra TLC after all that hairspray. I washed my hair with CON ultra moisturizing shampoo for the second day in a row and used this product. I heard some good reviews on this product and was excited about giving it a try. Now, let me just say that my hair is NOT protein sensitive. I dc for about 30 minutes with this product. It smells like coconut, lol. I like the smell, but it may be a bit overpowering for some who do not particularly care for the smell of coconuts. The cosistency is very thick. Actually its a little too thick for my liking. The product didn't melt into my like my other deep conditioners, which means I had to work the product into my hair. I didn't like that at all. After I rinsed the product out my hair it felt slightly stronger, but coated at the same time. I didn't like that either. It didn't give me good slip at all. I just thankful I'm only 4wks post, so detangling isnt really an issue for me right now in my stretch.  My hair had bounce and shine, but I don't know whether to attribute that to the product or just the health of my hair in general. All in all this product did not work well for my fine relaxed hair. I WILL NOT be repurchasing.

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  1. I also purchased this product on a whim while in Target. I have read about the benefits of coconut oil and milk and was attacted to those two products listed on the packaging. I also was attracted by the protein, however, was a little nervous since I had my stylist apply Aphogee 2-step protein treatment about 3 weeks ago. So, I decided to mix this product with ORS Hair Mayonnaise and use them as a pre-poo treatment.

    Well, my hair feels like silk right now. I can't say whether this product contributed or not since I did an overnight oil treatment and my stylist applied a new deep conditioner that she has in her salon.

    However, based on the review I have read here and on the internet, I don't think that I will be using this product as a deep conditioner.