Thursday, April 28, 2016


Hi guys! I am pleased to announce I am 100% natural. I transitioned a little over a year and big chopped in mid Feb 2016. A minor setback occurred as a consequence of weekly heat usage. The views on heat usage to transition are understandably looked upon as negative but it was a personal decision; primarily because it was the easiest option at the time. However, deep conditioning religiously spared me permanent damage. The damage is primarily in the front of my head where a looser curl pattern is present. Stay tuned for upcoming product reviews.  I have a few progress pics below.....

Top pic: 50 % dry hair
Bottom pic:  Fully dry hair

The day after the BC (big chop). I did a conditioner only wash and go with suave naturals. I couldn't stop touching my hair when it was wet. Lol. Hence the frizz. But I gladly embace it!!

  Day 1 post big chop....My edges need work. Thank goodness I decided to go natural. My edges look chewed up, spit out and gone with the wind honey :)
 Day 1 post big chop...nape area. Again my edges need work. They gradually thinned out over time from improper relaxer application, tension from styles, and overall neglect.

DAY 3 wash and go pics  w/ curl enhancing smoothie and eco styler gel